Solar Lighting

  • This is a prototype version, before putting into production, but works perfectly.
  • Sold without boxes, without solar elements, only controller!

  • Use Photovoltaic panel, composed of 10 series-connected standard polycrystalline cells of size 3x6" or 6x6" and voltage 0,5V each, making 5V voltage and current generated by 3,6A for the entire panel.
  • Controller increases the voltage so as to charge 12V 3-9Ah Gel Cell Rechargable Battery.
  • Its coefficient of efficiency is over 95%.
  • The generation of voltage and current is through pulse-width modulator with a frequency of 62KHz. When charging the battery the total consumption of electronics is 5mA, while in sleep mode <1mA*.
  • The controller is built on single-chip microcontroller with a 32MHz operating frequency and perform the following functions:
  • Limited to the charge voltage at 13,8V at 20C.
  • Limited charging current to 1,0A.
  • In charge of maintaining tension in the panel at the point of maximum generated power (4,3V to 5,0V). This is a very important condition, in order to use maximize the energy from the panel.
  • Protects battery from complete discharge to 10,8V, excluding consumer and goes into sleep mode. Since photovoltaic cells charge the battery more than 12,6 V goes into normal operation.
  • Carry temperature compensation of charging voltage -0,03V/C.
  • Thermo-resistor is glued on the battery.
  • Green LED lights when the battery is fully charged (voltage 13,8V and current of the charge dropped below 100mA).
  • Yellow LED lights when the panel generates energy greater than 0,2W and charged battery.
  • Red LED lights when the battery is discharged and no flow of energy from photovoltaic panels.*
  • LEDs do not light when the battery is discharged, the panel not generates a voltage, controller is passed in sleep mode.
  • Lighting using LED strips, bars or other high-lighting operating at 12V and a total capacity of not less than 6W. Choice of power depends on how long the night is lit body. PWM output is directly dependent on the energy remaining in the battery and adjusts the light output of the lamp, increasing time of illumination at the expense of intensity.

  • Payment by paypal only!
  • If you have any questions please email me.
  • LZ4GV

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    • Solar panel with 10 elements:
    Solar panel Poly Cristalline Cell Download