CW Digital Laser Diode Driver

! Working with a laser class 4 requires taking precautions!

! The theme is only for experts in this field!

  • Microprocessor-controlled driver for up to 3W blue laser diode.

  • It is equipped with all possible protection.

  • Input Power Supply: 2.8 - 4.2V by Li-Ion battery.

  • DC/DC Boost Controller performs the following functions:

    • Output Current: 0.2 - 2.5A adjustable
    • Output Voltage Range: 3.8 - 5.0V adjustable
    • Temperature control: 40'C adjustable;
    • Soft-Start;
    • Full control of the power source /Li-Ion battery/;
    • Protection LD from electrostatic voltages;
    • Precise current generator: < 100uA noise;
    • Protect against transients in current after switching diode;
    • Provides full control of the performance of the diode;
    • Perform diagnostics and displays it in errors;
    • After detection of problem drivers off the LD and goes into sleep mode;
    • -----
  • In the case of a blue laser diode model M140 with 2W power used to generate the blue and green light in DLP projectors.
  • The scheme is applicable to all other blue laser diodes, but with a change in the settings of the controller.


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