Engraving Laser Head

LD + TTL Driver + Glass Lens + Cooling system - All In One

This laser module emit high intensity visible light which can be hazardous to the human eye. Only for Professionals !

  • Used Laser Diode from NICHIA Corporation Japan.

  • This Module used Hi-Speed hybrid Driver with 100 KHz TTL Input.

  • Input signal 0V-Off / 5V-On /trigger schmitt/

  • Color output: 445nm - Blue

  • Continuous optical output power: 2W - before lens

  • Operating voltage from standard DC Power Supply Adapter: 10V to 14V / 1.5A

  • Live Time: 20 000 h

  • High quality FAN with speed control depending on the temperature on LD.

  • Temperature protection: Driver OFF if T>80 degrees celsius

  • Aluminium Box: 45 x 50 x 70 mm

  • Lens: M9x0.5mm - standard

  • DB9 Connector Pin:

  • Pin1: +5V Output MAX 200mA - do not use, if it is not necessary

  • Pin2: TTL Input 0/5V MAX 100KHz

  • Pin3: GND Signal

  • Pin4 & Pin5: GND Power

  • Pin8 & Pin9: DC Power Supply 10V to 14V (12V / 1.5A)

  • Absolute Maximum Ratings:

  • Supply Voltage: 16Vdc

  • Input Pins: -1V to 6V

  • Storage Temperature: -10C to +80C